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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Street portrait of an older woman


While we were at Byron Bay we got caught by a torrential downpour, while searching for a place to have lunch. We found shelter in a passage way between some shops. The girls used the opportunity to explore one of the boutiques, while I decided to wait outside. On the other side of the passage way an older woman sat at a timber table with a massive plastic bag. I am not sure if she sat there just for a cigarette break or like us to hide form the rain. She was sitting on an angle to the entry and thus had all her facial features highlighted by the light. I found her pose with seemingly vacant stare interesting and you can see the resulting photograph. In post processing I have selected sepia tone as it suited the overall feel of the photograph.

Elegant older woman


Obvious choices as a subject of a street photography are people in interesting situations, people in situations with juxtaposition or simply people immersed in some activity. There is also typical portraiture of interesting faces, hair styles or sub-culture clothing.

Todays photo belongs to yet another category – everyday person. This category stands somewhere between portraiture and “documentary journalism”. It focuses less on persons character and shows just an average person of our time.

Than again, when I look at this elegantly dressed older woman I wonder if the word average applies. She seems to have certain style bordering on sophistication – fashionable but not drawing attention.