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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

New Zealand photos


I have just finished processing the photographs from my recent trip to New Zealand. I have selected best 150 and placed it in Otago gallery. Here they are in one easy Youtube video:

If you rather see the photographs individually, as photographs enter my Otago, South Island, New Zealand gallery.

Queenstown and Otago regionof New Zealand


Otago is an another magical region of the New Zealand’s south island. Again lots of mountains, valleys and lakes beautifully adorned by autumn colours.

Queenstown is really charming with lots of activities available for adventurous tourist: white water rafting, sky diving, bungy jumping, jet rides on the rocky river and helicopter rides. Adrenaline rush guaranteed just bring the cash with you as some of these attractions do cost a bit.

Explore the photographic gallery of Queenstown and Otago, New Zealand