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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Roxanne the painter


Today, at the Pitt Street Mall I have met a charming Parisian artist by the name of Roxanne. I thought her paintings were very good for such young painter. She obliged me with this pose but I think she was also a bit overwhelmed by the attention.

Her creations seemed very warm and at the same time they clearly displayed that Roxanne likes unambiguous simplicity of the subjects she paints. I wondered if the warmth of these paintings come from her Bordeaux background. Not surprisingly, she seemed to be proud of it.

Roxanne, I wish you the best adventures in your travels and success with your art.

Le Parigot


The word “Le Parigot” is a French slang expression for someone born in Paris, a Parisian another words.

This movie like portrait of a man crossing a very busy Parisian street was taken near Notre Dame. It just happens that there is a big police station just behind the man and I was kindly asked to explain what I was photographing since I clearly was not photographing the cathedral. I’ve shown the policeman the photograph, he acknowledged it and just asked me not to take photos of the guards in front of the station.