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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

A beggar lays down on a pavement covered by a white sheet


I have noticed this beggar now a few times around Sydney. He seems to be ashamed to show his face and thus he lays down on a pavement covered by a white cotton sheet. I photographed him here near Coles opposite Sydney Town Hall.

If the idea of covering himself in the sheet supposed to raise pity it doesn’t work, as people tend to avoid him and only few people dropped a coin or two. I still believe donating money to organisations which help homeless is a better option.

Under the rugs


The two human shapes under the rugs are a bad sign. It is still relatively warm but having these homeless sleep in the street only meters away from the shelter means there are more of them than last year. Sleeping on pavement is no pleasure now in mid autumn and by the time the winter comes it will be outright freezing.