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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

The Magical Crystal Ball


Here is a young man with a great skill. There is no question this magic must have taken countless hours to perfect but this young man can move both his hands around the magical crystal ball and the ball will stay suspended in one spot in space. Truly mesmerizing.

Ricki Lee performs her brand new single ‘Wiggle It.’


Ricki-Lee Coulter is particularly photographer friendly performer. Here, she found a few seconds for me, taking a friend’s hat and giving me a quick, cheeky pose.

She was performing her new single ‘Wiggle It.’ Many contestants from Australian Idol vanish from the media once the competition ends. Ricki-Lee seems to found her place in the entertainment industry, frequenting TV shows and now recording a second album. I for one wish her all the success, if nothing else, just for being friendly and approachable.