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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Seagull shadow


When photographing birds in flight the most challenging task is to keep them in focus while tracking them in the flight path. A bit of patience and practice will allow photographers to get reasonable results. Digital photography has introduced something that birders loath – the shutter release delay.

Owners of prosumer grade cameras not only have to track the bird via electronic viewfinder with low refresh rate, they also have to anticipate the lapsed time between the shutter release and the actual photograph. Admittedly recent cameras are quite good in this department and owners of digital SLR cameras don’t really have a problem at all.

The photograph attached to this article was taken with Canon dSLR and Sigma 70-200 lens using AI-Servo focusing mechanism. I must admit the amazing shadow was an added and surprising bonus for what I considered was a practice shot.