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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Impressionist Sky


Recently, I was watching a documentary – Oliver Peyton’s Eating Art on subject of food in arts. At one point of the program Oliver visits Giverny in France – Claude Monet’s village. Beautiful, almost idyllic gardens set a scene for a alfresco lunch. For a brief moment the camera captures the garden ponds and the program switches quickly to one of Monet’s paintings.

The moment of the transition between crystal clear water set in picturesque surroundings to Monet’s impressionist, almost careless and yet deliberate style of paint brush came to me in an instance when I was leaning over a small water pond in Somersby Falls trying to photograph the moss covered, green rocks. I came as close to the water as I could to get better framing. At that moment I looked down and noticed this sky and the tree scene below me. Crystal clear, beautiful and yet imprecise like these Monet’s paintings.

You can see me in the bottom left corner capturing this moment.