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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Doug and Phoebe


In the recently released movie “The day the Earth stood still” there is a line uttered by the alien, played by Keanu Reeves, in the reference to humanity: “there is another side to you , I can see that now”. This provoking statement like a deja vu occurred to me when I noticed Doug and Phoebe. Initially I have spotted Dough with his impressive piercings and gauged ear. I was ready to approach him and ask for a “character” pose. However, before I gathered the courage he was joined by Phoebe and they have exchanged a number of moving hugs in obviously sensual moments. “There is another side to you , I can see that now”. When I approached them I knew exactly what I wanted the photograph to convey. They have agreed to the idea very quickly and second later this photograph was created.

Thanks Phoebe and Doug, you’ve been most accommodating models.



I must admit I am often fascinated with sub cultures and youth trends. In recent years piercing took quite a center stage and many young people have some piercings starting from multiple ear studs, via tongue, lip, nose and eyebrow to more esoteric back of the neck studs. It looks painful and I guess it is painful. This young man allowed me to take his portrait near Sydney Town Hall. Thank you.