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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

The Pinnacle dive at Bateau Bay


I photographed this vivid red/orange coral formation at my first off-shore dive at Terrigal. I have booked myself on a boat dive with Ian from Dive Imports Australia. He took us to the Pinnacle 1nm East of Bateau Bay. This is a well known and popular dive location. The Pinnacle is a rock formation located at around 18m from the surface and going all the way to around 27m at its base.

I have spotted a rather big Cuttlefish (cephalopod), which must have been close to 2 feet in length or 60cm. Sadly the Cattle Fish found me at the same time and by the time I had my camera on ready it hid underneath a rock just at the point where I had to ascend. Ah well, there is always a next time.

One more interesting fact about this dive: it was a first dive, where I did not see were I was descending to and at one point the descend line seemed to come from nowhere and lead to nowhere. Quite an interesting and desorientating feeling.