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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Morskie Oko (Eye of the Sea), Tatra Mountains (Tatry), Poland


Morskie Oko, which literally translated to English means “The of eye of the sea” is the largest post ice age lake in Polish Tatra Mountains. It is also one of the deepest. In fact its depth lead to a legend that the lake is connected with the sea and thus the name.

To reach the Morskie Oko you have to hike for 2 to 3 hours or take a horse driven carriage. No cars are allowed past the entry to the Tatra National Park.

The hike is worthwhile – that actually is an understatement of the century. If you make it early in the morning before the crowds on a nice day as we did you will be rewarded by one of the most beautiful views offered anywhere on Earth. The colour of the lake and the high standing peeks of the mountains are unforgettable. You can walk right around the lake. It is a very easy track and will take you around 45 minutes.

Please explore my Morskie Oko Photographic Gallery.

Tatry – Poland


This photo from Jaszczurowka, a little place just few kilometers from Zakopane opens another photographic gallery dedicated to Polish mountain range called Tatry. The beauty of the region and its popularity from tourism point of view is well known in Poland and is reaching wider circles in Europe and the world all the time. Perhaps it is too popular. The roads leading to Zakopane already cannot cope with tourism.

However, once you see the inspiring scenery of Tatry you will fall in love with it very quickly and you will understand why people come here in such masses. The scenery is unique, breath taking and very memorable.