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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

American presidential elections and dirty tricks


“My name is Bryan not Barack Obama, she’s my customer – not Sara Palin”

It is not often that I would post the same image twice in my stories. However , this photo of the homeless man and a women has become part of dirty tricks in American presidential campaign.

Someone has doctored this image to portrait Barack Obama as the shoe shine man and Sara Palin as his customer. This altered image is being circulated via email in USA. The perpetrator of this plagiarism left my copyright notice, which contains the address of this website, thus implying it was my original work. This is quite a low act as it involuntarily involves me and my photographic work in American presidential campaign, which I honestly do not know much about nor do I follow it. I certainly do not have favourite views either for American Democrats or Republicans.

I would like to assure both senator Barack Obama and Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin that the altered image has not been created, authorised, endorsed or distributed by me.

It is quite shameful someone had to escape to plagiarism and imply my involvement. Yes, I do have a copy of the doctored image but I will not publish it.