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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Black-margined Glossodoris – Nudibranch


This simple macro photograph of a Black-margined Glossodoris
Nudibranch is a beginning to a new album in my gallery I hope to grow extensively with time. Nudibranch are very interesting animals and with close to 3000 identified species and new ones found weekly they represent and endless photographic opportunity. Their bodies vary so much from one species to another in colour and shapes it is sometimes hard to say it is still a Nudibranch. Luckily for us in Australia we have a local world renound expert in Neville Coleman, whose NUDIBRANCHS ENCYCLOPEDIA is a must have resource for curious diver or keen marine zoologist.

While I am giving credit to deserving people I have to mention a new name to me: Robert Hamilton of Bob is a magician where it comes to prescription lenses for dive masks. Today was my first dive with a properly fitted by Bob lenses and it made a world of difference. Seeing is certainly believing in this case. It was much easier to read my Cressi computer, or set and use my underwater camera. If any of you dive and wear glasses contact Bob via his website and discover what you were missing – clear, crisp vision.