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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Privacy in public and photography


Here is yet another Security Camera installed in a public place. They are present everywhere in the city and belong to either government of public institutions. Apparently, on average, a person is photographed 30 to 50 times a day by one of these cameras. In Australia, and NSW in particular the law permits photography in public without consent with exception of places where privacy is assumed (toilets, showers, change rooms). Sometimes I get an objection from a member of public being photographed by me, which I usually respect. Yet, I doubt the same person realises how often he or she is photographed without consent by one of these “big brother” cameras.

Amanda – privacy in the CBD


This is Amanda. Do I know her? No, we’ve never met. And yet I know her name and I know where she works all from a little tag she so proudly parades around the Sydney CBD. Thousands of city workers do exactly the same every day.