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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Queen Victoria Building – Center West staircase


This week I have returned to QVB to photograph the center west staircase. The challenges for the photographer are quite numerous for this task. The staircase is quite small and thus not allowing for a good angle. The bottom level is notoriously dark. You should see three flights of stairs but in fact the last one is barely there. I also always wish for a tall ladder so I could capture more of the top level too. Finally, one needs to be super patient as QVB is a very popular destination and to see all three levels of stairs without people takes some time.

Queen Victoria Building Staircase


Here is a topic I always feel I have never explored to any meaningful extend: Queen Victoria Building. It is vast architectural marvels provide for endless photographic opportunities on large as well as macro scales. Many of the interesting components of QVB are difficult to photograph due to inaccessibility, poor light or simply the crowds.

The photograph shown here is the staircase from the Southern end of the Queen Victoria Building, taken from the top floor. Initially I intended to do the reverse shot from the lower level looking up, however the strong down lights installed on the lift shaft make such photograph next to impossible.