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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Stormy waters


This photograph of a violent, turbulent water was taken at a waterfall at the Paronella Park in Queensland. I just loved the texture of water and the rich tonal range ranging from almost white to deep desert red. It’s stormy nature has some parallel to my recent memories brought forward by getting in touch with my teenage past. Lots of rapid and unclear events taken place, just like in this murky water.

I would like to add a chorus of a Polish song I remember very well. The song is by a band called Budka Suflera and the song is titled “Jest taki samotny dom”, which means “there is such a lonely home”

A po nocy przychodzi dzień,
A po burzy spokój,
Nagle ptaki budzą mnie
Tłukąc się do okien

Loosely translated it goes something like this:

After a night a day comes
After a storm comes calm
Suddenly birds wake me up
knocking on the windows.

Press play and let your soul be touched: