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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Ricki Lee performs her brand new single ‘Wiggle It.’


Ricki-Lee Coulter is particularly photographer friendly performer. Here, she found a few seconds for me, taking a friend’s hat and giving me a quick, cheeky pose.

She was performing her new single ‘Wiggle It.’ Many contestants from Australian Idol vanish from the media once the competition ends. Ricki-Lee seems to found her place in the entertainment industry, frequenting TV shows and now recording a second album. I for one wish her all the success, if nothing else, just for being friendly and approachable.

Ricki-Lee’s band


This is another photograph I took during Ricki-Lee’s performance at channel 7’s Sydney studio. As with all the other photographs from that studio the photograph was taken through two 3/4 inch thick panes of glass. I must say I liked the lighting in the studio only focused on the backup singer while keeping the musicians in the shadow not to mention that all the men in the band are looking to the right while the girl looks the other way.