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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Variety of digital photographs


Asian Girl Having Lunch

I usually dislike photographing people who are eating. However, there was something very compelling about this scene with the small frame of the Asian girl against the huge columns and wide steps.

Girl at the bus stop

Trying to capture the girl and her reflection in the glass wall of the bus stop.

Girl with a backpack

This photograph is all about contrast. Starting with the contrast in light between a dark wall and well illuminated girl. Less obvious contrast is symbolic freedom of the backpack versus the rigid confines of the iron fence and the sand stone wall.

Man Pouring Nitrogen

An unusual sight – man pouring liquid nitrogen to an empty bottle. He was very casual about it, but the scene looked quite dramatic with heavy vapours raising around, generated by temperature difference..

Wizards invitation

Can you refuse the wizard’s invitation? He wants to come closer.