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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Fog over bush


Another photograph exploiting the unusual atmospheric conditions we had this morning. Thick fog over a bush at Rumbalara Reserve at Gosford. I took this photograph from a considerable distance and managed to include a street light in the shot to highlight the perspective. The fog is so thick and curved in shape – it almost looks like a giant moon raising behind the hill.

By the way this photograph almost got me in trouble with our local police. I was passing a crossing when I have noticed the view and decided to turn around and take the photograph. I drove to the next intersection with enough space to do a U-turn. As I was about to return back to the road I have noticed a mobile RBT unit few hundred meters down the road. The police officers thought I turned around to avoid the breath test and clearly were ready to chase me. Realising what has happened I waited at the intersection for them to arrive and spare myself and them the trouble. I had 0 alcohol reading so it was not an issue. Funny how some coincidental situations may look from a side.