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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Sydney Opera House at night


Last night I went with a friend from work to get few photographs of Sydney Opera House from up close. The VIVID Festival lights are still illuminating the Opera House sails and we were hoping for some original abstracts, rather then typical whole building shots.

I faced a major challenge as I have left my tripod at home, and hand holding a camera at night is a near impossibility. Also, there are very few pylons or other elements I could use for support. In short I had almost no chance for any good photos. However, I have managed to capture a couple of exposures from a set of steps opposite the Opera House and I liked this one in particular.

Iguana Joe’s Roof Sails


Iguana Joe’s Waterfront Restaurant is located in Gosford, NSW. Iguana Joe’s is not only a restaurant but it is also a popular local night club popular amongst local young people.

This very distinctive building’s sail roof is visible at night from considerable distance due to the lighting used to illuminate the sails.

Photography is obstructed by numerous street lights and thus it is quite a challenge to show its character without having the usual paraphernalia of urban design – street signs and the Iguana Joe’s own promotion panel.