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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



In many places through out Sydney there are people trying to sell things to passers by. They may be selling services or they are trying to gain founding for charity or any other purpose.

I have observed this little scene with some interest not because of what was “on sale” but because of the stance the salesman presented. His legs are widely spread, strongly positioned as if in effort to prevent the men he was talking to from walking away.

Mr. Pickwick’s antiques


Katoomba is the main tourist town in the Blue Mountains, about an hour drive west from Sydney. You can get great views of the famous Three Sisters from Echo Point . There is abundance of bush walks for almost any level of fitness. For the shopping oriented tourist the antique shops are quite well known.

One of the best known antique shops is called Mr. Pickwick’s. You can find there anything from old books, silverware and china to toys and clothing. The antiquity of the items varies quite a lot, with items ranging from few days old to 150 years.

The shop has an aura of late 19th century including the salesman , who looks right for the part. He was kind enough to pose for this photographic portrait .