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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



Only few months ago I have mentioned that scooter sales must be the fastest growing transport business in Sydney. Just over half a year later you can see them everywhere. Parked tightly next to each other in side alleys like in this photograph or in special motorcycle provided parking stations. However, their numbers are still overwhelmed by number of cars in the city. I guess our wet summer is not always encouraging to drive a scooter to work.

Three lane traffic Parisian style


There is one black line and another and … oh yes the white one in between.

Paris is one of the busies cities traffic wise I’ve ever seen. The drivers are very decisive, quick and unforgiving. It mad peek hours Parisians can be very inventive when it comes to solving the traffic congestion as shown here, where a long line of scooters has its own lane – it just happens to be the white dividing line.