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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Uninvited guests


I was invited today to join a friend of mine for lunch. Just a simple get together to talk few things out. We know each other for over 8 years and yet in that time we only managed lunch together twice.

We got a table at one of the Hungry Mile restaurants. The place was busy thus we shared the table with a couple of business men. Service was rather slow but it almost did not matter as we had a good conversation going.

After a while the two businessmen left and suddenly for a moment our table turned in to a scene from Alfred Hitchcock horror movie. A menacing horde of hungry seagulls decided to help themselves to the food scraps left by our lunch companions. They were not deterred by our presence at all bringing quite a sudden end to what was otherwise a very nice lunch.

Terrigal – Photographing the sunset


My kids really like this particular spot. There is lots to explore or simply to spot a crab or other sea creature. It certainly makes a good break from playing computer games or watching TV.

There was a photographer there who setup with a tripod and pointed it at the sea (towards the East at sunset). This struck me as bit odd however, he was onto something. There was unusual level of smog over the see on the horizon and thus the evening sun rendered it as stripes of red shades. Lucky for me and unlucky for him the seagulls put up a show between where I was sitting and the sea resulting in this landscape photograph.