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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Beautiful Girl Reading a Newspaper on a Train


Late Friday afternoon. The train is really packed. I am sharing a 3-seater with another couple of big blokes. It is not a comfortable ride. By halfway I have read the MX back to front, read all the channel on Google currents.  more

Women in motion – Lightroom


Many of my recent photographs were processed using the Adobe Lightroom software. Although I found it initially awkward to use I am a true convert now. This is a brilliant application. When combined with many presets that are available on the Internet it is also a true time saver. Single click post processing at its best.This photograph of two business women was done using “Lith” preset. Its treatment of details in dark clothing is very good and no details are lost during the process. I would say I favour it now over traditional sepia conversions.