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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Sea Urchin Shell


Today, I had my wisdom tooth taken out. To focus away from discomfort and pain I started to play with a bit of macro photography. We have a number of sea urchin shells at home, which kids picked out at the beach. I always thought the shells look quite interesting with their radial designs and patterns. For this photograph I have selected rather small shell as these do not have the center hole, so common to bigger urchin shells.

I have suspended the shell on a leg of a small tripod. Set the camera in perfect alignment with that leg so it would not be visible. The emphasize the roundness and textures I have opted for a single, directional light source. This uneven light distribution ads dimension to a photograph like that through little shadows.

Cicada shells


Hundreds of thousands of empty nymph cicada shells left on trees around Brisbane Waters can mean only one thing: a very noisy hot summer. At times the volume of the cicada song reaches unbearable levels. It seems this year that will mean almost all the time as I have never seen that many empty shells left behind after their molting transformation.