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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Photographer captures Maheno Shipwreck on Fraser Island


Here we see a woman photographer taking shots of the S.S. Maheno shipwreck. The rich colours and textures of the old rusted through ship provide many interesting photo opportunities. This lady photographer and many others including me ignore the 3m safety warning zone to get the optimum view or angle on some piece of the Meheno. Rust makes for excellent photography as the metal oxides can vary in colour from light yellow to deep browns within small space. In addition the rust get the bubbled up texture and layering adding to the complexity of visual appeal to the photographer.

The girl photographer in this capture is apparently a pro for an Australian magazine enjoying her holidays on Fraser Island.

Maheno Shipwreck on Fraser Island


The S.S. Maheno must be one of the Australia’s most famous pieces of beached rust.

Maheno was built in 1905 in Scotland as a luxury passenger ship for Australia to New Zealand crossings. The ship was in service until 1935, when declared outdated it was being towed to Japan for scrapping. Caught in strong cyclone the Maheno got beached on the eastern beach of the Fraser Island, where it quickly become a major tourist attraction. Battered by the weather as well as RAAF training bombing runs during Second War War, the Maheno is a very dangerous piece of rust and caution is advised, but hardly any one takes notice of the 3m safety distance warning.