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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

In the name of fashion


I was walking along Druitt Street towards Town Hall, when I have noticed a young, pretty girl walking in opposite direction. She was dressed in a smart, fashionable short dress in pastel yellow. She was tall and slim. There are many gorgeous girls in Sydney, so what drew my attention to this one? Her shoes! The girl was wearing such high heels that she was visibly unsteady on them. She was using walls, barristers and anything else along the way to prevent falling.

I understand girls like fashion and shoes especially, but this was ridiculous. Druitt Street runs on an angle and this girl was risking twisting her ankle at the best or breaking a leg. The initial impression she may have received for being gorgeous and well dress quickly gave way to the uneasy feeling that she will hurt herself in these shoes. Her walk was less then elegant. It was not even a walk; it was continuous stumbling from one foot to the other and a struggle to control the wobbling..

Shoes and Shutters


Here is an example of “accidental” inspiration. My daughter has left her shoes outside of the balcony door after feeding our dogs this morning. Later in the afternoon as the sun started to shine through the shutters on that side of the house the shoes suddenly were lit by the line patterned light. If you find your mind having difficulty focusing on this image for some strange reason, do not worry about it. It is not your sight. The light pattern coming through the shutters is parallel but it is not parallel to the floor, where timber flooring with its own lines runs at an angle to the light strips. This is what makes the visual tricks with our eye’s focus.