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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Short track speed skating – NSW Championships 2008


I have been the official photographer for this year’s NSW Championships 2008 in short track speed skating. I have been writing on the subject of photographing the elite speed skaters for a while now. The nature of the venue with low light and its top down direction combined with bright ice, high speed an non linear direction of the races makes is a very difficult to photograph event.

I have taken close to 1500 photographs. There are many pin sharp photos from the morning session where a side window let in a lot of natural light. The later session even at high ISO resulted in some motion blur images. This is almost expected for this sport. All in all I think the event was very successful.

Here is a photo from a later session thus with a small motion blur of this year’s NSW female champion speed skater Alix-Myra Anderson. I was very impressed by Alix’s style and commitment. This girl knows how to skate.

A reminder for parents and skaters alike: You photographs are available in our on-line store.