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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Girl with pale skin


Most of my street photographs are presented in black and white in order to focus on the person or persons I am photographing. Today I have two photos I wanted to share in colour. First one is of a girl with extremely pale skin. How do people get so white is sunny Australia? Is it simply genetic or deliberate avoidance of the sun? PS: Gotta love these shoes.

Caged, injured and suffering


I took a number of photos today at Pitt Street Mall of a small and peaceful protest organised by Animal Liberation. The protest was designed to shock and quite a few people had a good look at the staged scene.

I had a brief conversation with Animal Liberation representative, Nicole Brown, who said they usually get a lot more attention and are surrounded by media during their protest but only when the protesters are naked or semi-naked. When it comes to actual issue reporting main stream media is not really interested.

When I returned to the site of the protest 20 minutes after this “cages, injured and suffering” photograph was taken, police asked nicely the protesters to “move along” which the group did.

Coincidently this evening all main media outlets carried the news about protesters at the Beijing Olympics “showing skin”.