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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Short track speed skater Krysia modeling 2XU sportswear


Sport today almost cannot exist without sponsorship. The athletes, who are serious about their achievements need support of sponsors. In return the sponsors expect the athletes to represent their brand as well as it is possible hoping for a return in their investment in the sport.

Here Krysia is modeling a sportswear of 2XU. This is a natural light shot, taken in the ice rink and then post processed to remove the background. The actual photo is in colour to reflect the range of the sportswear company but for this blog I’ve opted to present it in high key (almost monochrome) rendering.

Krysia, speed skating – wide angle


Going against all rules of physics and photography I have decided to try my luck with photographing Krysia with a wide angle lens at the fastest point of the track. No matter how I’d try I knew the photo will not be perfectly sharp by I was hoping to capture the angle the speed skaters go in and out of turns and their total commitment for the maneuver. After talking to Andrew McNee regarding best position I ended up with my head less then a foot away from where they would pass me. Laying low and hoping for the best I took lots of photos. All of them with considerable motion blur. However, this photograph exhibited least motion. So, here is Krysia traveling probably at 50km/h– in a sling shot out of the corner passing my head by oh so close with these very sharp blades.

PS: I do not recommend anyone to attempt this style of photography unless they know they deal with the highest skilled athlete. This is really dangerous.