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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Serious shopping


There are four giant butique style shopping bags at Martin Place. I do not recognise the logo on them but I can assume it is a commercial promotion. The bags have given me an idea for a serious photo, illustrating over spending and its impact on our economy. Every day we are bombarded with news and analysis linking consumer spending to rate rises and the dire consequences of such monetary policy on average families.

So, I had the bag and all I needed was a brave model, who would help me to complete such photograph. I have spotted a nice couple finishing lunch at one of the bags and as they were about to walk away I have asked if they could help me make that photo. I really had the young lady in mind as she was tall with model like figure, beautifully dressed she would fit the “butique” image very well.

To my surprise however, the young men was tagging the bag handle before I could explain the concept in detail. Big kudos for energy and eagerness. I could not refuse such kin helper. I thanked them both and walked away smiling. People can be very surprising. As for that consumer spending article – well I think I have a new subject on modern urban male and his shopping habits.