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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Rock Perspective


Recently I watched The Last Days on Mars. Quite an interesting movie from the perspective that Mars seem to be the current target of planetary exploration. The movie is based on a concept that astronauts get infected by a Marian bacteria, turning them into zombies. While the zombie part is somewhat unnecessary a cheapens the movie, the concept itself is plausible.


Lucas Cave


From time to time we visit Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains. There is something very fascinating and beautiful in these caves. And when one considers that it takes millions of years for the cave to develop as we see them today it deserves even more “wow” factor.

On our last visit we went to a very popular Lucas Cave. It has a few more steps then most caves in the Jenolan Caves but the little effort is well worth it. I invite you to visit my Lucas Cave gallery.