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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Street photography – why do it?


On one of the Internet forums, where I post my photographs frequently, a lively discussion took place on merits of street photography. The debate seems to have three sides with varied but not always opposing viewpoints to it.

Firstly, the photographers, who take street candids, see it as a form of art, which captures people in their natural environment exhibiting their natural behaviours. Secondly, the photographers who view this as a form of art, but acknowledge only a small proportion of candid photographs as worth looking at. Finally, there was a group of photographers, who see no purpose or for that matter any photographic or artistic skills in this medium at all.

Yes, this is discussion was conducted on a photographers for photographers forum and thus the audience is rather of a very narrow demographic.

One step at a time


In recent days I have posted less street photos I have been busier then usual at work. Additionally, with a lot of places undergoing rebuilds and refubrishments many of spots that were ideal for people photography are now empty, inaccessible or simply construction zones. Sydney at the moment is quite a visual mess. I hope when all this development activities complete we will have more of interesting and nice places.