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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Lisa drawing a building at historic Rocks


Lisa is a university student. I found her in this position totally immersed in her drawing. She only realised I photographed her after 3 or so clicks of my camera. She was one of many students today at the historic Rocks area given an assignment to draw a building. While most of the students were closer to the Circular Quay Lisa selected a quiet and shady location near the Overseas Passenger Terminal. I have asked how is she doing. In her own words “buildings are not my strength. I’m on fourth hour and still have a long way to go”. Well Lisa, I hope you managed to capture that old building well.

Annie – uni work at a bus stop


This is Annie, a university student doing her work, that’s right at a bus stop. Isn’t take it everywhere technology wonderful? Her Apple notebook obviously get its far share of real field work. Annie thanks for the photo. PS. Love your boots!