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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Entry to MLC Centre building


Here is one of the more fascinating architectural elements in Sydney – the entry to the MLC Centre building. I guess depending on the mood this massive structure can look like an inviting protective umbrella or mouth of some monster. It has endless straight and curved lines and shades and it is certainly photogenic. It is quite difficult to photograph due to the size of it as well as the light distribution. I have tried to capture it on numerous occasions but I think this is one of the better photographs I’ve taken of the place. Symmetry as you can see plays a major role in this design making the building entry an unquestionable focal point.

Talking and smoking


This photograph of a young woman and a young man talking on their mobile phones and smoking a cigarette is all about symmetry. Not a mirror like symmetry but behavioural one. They both sit on a monorail pylon and I doubt they are aware of each others existence, and yet they are both doing the same thing. Having a break from work, catching up with friends and sadly smoking.