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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Table for one


This photograph of a single man eating his breakfast at a restaurant was take at one of these unexpected moments, and yet it almost looks staged. We came out of a lift in a building and took a wrong turn, which lead us onto a balcony over the restaurant. Symmetrically placed tables, each with different colour table cloth looked interesting by themselves. Having a lonely man eating atone of them was an unexpected, but welcome bonus.

Chinese for one


While you walk through Sydney’s China Town you get constantly invited to dine in the countless Chinese restaurants. I have probably eaten in 5 of them and I must say the food was excellent each time. On Friday and Saturday nights you may actually find your self out of luck at times as the place gets incredibly busy. As you can see on the attached photograph that is not the case during the week. You can dine almost by yourself at any of them.