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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Sunrise at Terrigal


This photograph of a spectacular sunrise at Terrigal was taken using a seven layer HDR technique. This is a first for me as usually I use simple three-layer technique. I must admit the results are outstanding and I think this is my new standard technique for generating HDR images.

I have met a local photographer by the name of Michael Hruby who has some very vivid panoramas on his website. He makes some very lively photographs and I’d recommend checking his website out to anyone.



I photographed this rower setting up for a morning training session at Gosford waterfront near Gosford Sailing Club. The weather was rather gloomy and thus with low light conditions I decided to present this capture using split toning technique. Split toning uses two colours: one for highlights and one for shadows. This way the photographs get this unusual duo tone effect and yet they preserve some of the original colours. I have also reduced the contrast in this photograph to show how a kayak blends with the surrounding water.