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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Dragonfly Sex


This is one of these rare moments I wish I had a macro lens with me, instead I had to do with a long telephoto lens. The photo shows dragonflies during sexual act. I think the photo is quite a unique capture and despite not using a specialised lens came out extremely clear.

Telephoto Coward


so after a dramatic post something a lot easier to swallow.

After being called a coward by a well known photographer, Mr. Petteri Sulonen for using the telephoto lens I decided to try the other end of the focal length today.

This is a common scene in Sydney a still pose artist somewhere where tourists gather:

So, how close can you get to get a good portrait. This coward got to less than a foot away:

Full images here:
Full posture photo of a still artist in blue

Portait of the sill artist in blue