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Ted Szukalski

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In the news – Stand up for Tibet


Australian Tibet Council has organised a peaceful protest today in Martin Place against alleged brutal military crackdown against Tibet by Chinese government. The council is clear: Australian Olympic Committee should boycott carrying of the torch up Mount Everest. Interestingly the message did not call for the total boycott of the Olympics in Beijing.

The photograph shows news cameraman filming gathered protesters, their posters and gruesome photographs of torture victims.

Save Tibet


In last few days I have read an increasing number of reports on unrest in Tibet. Here, in Sydney a number of protest marches took place through China town as well as in front of Chinese embassy.

Newspapers quote opposite views of deaths and arrests in Lhasa. Depending if the news is from Tibetans or official Chinese news agency the blame is placed on the opposite groups: either Han Chinese or Tibetan independence activists.

One has to ask – why did China expelled all journalists from the troubled region if it has nothing to hide? And why is it that the government has no opinion to voice on these events?