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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Tin City Dweller


Tin City is a small village build out of corrugated iron sheets. It is located near Anna Bay – Stockton Bight Sand Dunes. It was build by very poor people before Second World War as the villages found they could survive on abundance of Pipis and fish from the sea. Today, there are apparently still three residents there who use the shacks as their base for fishing. Maintaining the huts is difficult as the dunes move everyday and to keep your home above the sand is a daily chore.

The pictured man was living in the hut, which was allegedly used as a pub in a famous movie [reference removed due to ambiguity of the claim]. As you can see from the comments below this seems to be a good story of tour operators rather than the truth. Note: this image is referenced by Wikipedia under term ” Stockton Beach, New South Wales

Update [February 2014]: This seems to be a story that gained a live of its own because of the reference to the movie. So, here for the clarity I repeat: I am not an expert on the movie. The story was told to us by the tour operator who took us around the Stockton Bight Sand Dunes. I have no reason to trust or distrust the tour operator, or for that matter people who send the requests to remove that reference.

Update [March 2014]: Reference to movie name removed from main story. I have to state, I consider myself censored at this point, reporting an a simple story I experienced. ¬†However, I have made the adjustments as I do recognise the actual truth is more important than me repeating a tour operator’s narrative. What does such approach do to story telling?