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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Power Nap


Have you ever been so tired you just had to have a nap?
It did not matter where or how as long as you got some rest. Seems this sleeping man was exactly feeling that, falling asleep in a very busy part of Circular Quay. While he had a good sleep, and while I was taking his photo another photographer with a medium format camera took a whole set of his photographs.

Old, Tired Man


Here, I’ll seat on these steps. I cannot go on.

It’s all too much and I must give my feet some rest.
Wait my shoes, my good old shoes, we will be on our way again. Just give me a moment.

Few more puffs of cigarette.

See these people rushing around? They will be tired one day too. I’m tired now.

Tired, Old man