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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Shipping Containers


On one of early morning trip to Docklands ice rink I saw a train loaded with colourful shipping containers on the other side of freeway overpass. The containers reflected nicely in a calm pool of water below the overpass. In fact it seemed the reflections had more vivid colours than the originals.

From inspiration to disgust


I woke up very early this morning and was welcomed but a fascinating sunrise over the valley. Low laying fog and sparse clouds added to the inspiring view.

Some 18 hours later on my way home I had the displeasure of viewing something very disgusting. A large man sat at the end of the train carriage and ate oranges and peaches. One after another for whole hour and a half. He would split the orange and fill his mouth with it. Kept his mouths open exposing the orange peal, while he consumed slowly the inner fruit. Once he finished he would clean his face and teeth with his tongue. His whole face never stopped moving. I have to add his face looked a bit like that of Stan Laurel.

When he would finish one orange he would take a sip of water from a bottle and rinse his mouth. Then he would proceed to the next orange. This was a very trying journey. Minutes away from my station he stopped eating. The visual torture was over… No! For the next 10 minutes he proceeded to yawn without covering his mouth. I swear I think I could count how many oranges he ate in total.

Look at the photo above – you will feel better.