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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Eureka Tower reflecting morning sunlight


Here is one of more unusual photographs I have taken in a long time. We all know sun reflects of shining surfaces, but to actually see such reflected light in “thin air” is something else.

I was at Federation Square and I got blinded by the reflection of the quite remote Eureka Tower. I moved into shade and looked back at the tower again only to see beams of light reflected all around it. It was spectacular. There must have been significant amount of moisture in the air for the reflected sun rays to be seen like that. So here it is: sunlight captured at 300m on a beautiful Melbourne morning.

Victorian bushfire appeal 2009


The photo you see here was taken in 2006. It is still vivid in my memory as 12 story high flames appeared on the horizon in front of us.

I did not photograph the current fire in Peats Ridge as it is a no go zone. I advise everyone else to do likewise and let the fire fighters do their job by staying away.

With loss of life in Victoria now reported at 138, and with many people surviving only with a shirt on their back the Australian Red Cross is running a “Victorian bushfire appeal 2009”. Go to their website and donate generously to help the victims of this horrendous fire.