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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



Christmas and New Year were marked by very wet weather in Australia. Uncharacteristic low temperatures and rain causing floods in many areas of the country. It seems as there is no middle ground and the weather takes us from the drought of the century to floods in no time. While some rain is more than welcome, floods are certainly not.

There is a native bush about 6 feet tall in front of our house. This morning its entire foliage looked like the leaf in the photograph – heavily covered with water. There must be something special about its leaves as other bushes did not seem to retain the rain drops from the night.

Spiral fountain at Darling Harbour


I think almost every visitor to Sydney spends some time at Darling Harbour and they have kids they always stop by the spiral fountain. Kids just love playing there and getting a bit wet, especially on hot summer day.

For me as a photographer this is an endless supply of abstracts. Different light conditions expose various patterns in watter of the little steps, or you can concentrate of water surfaces. Today I have noticed wind was creating lines in water at an angle to the steps of the fountain.