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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Worried Girl in a Brussels’ Street


As you walk through the streets of Brussels, especially the old town you may be forgiven for thinking you are a part of some fairy tale. Richly decorated building capture the attention of tourists. And if you manage to take your eyes of them then your other senses are treated to some fantasies. For example 250 types of beer available from a local bottle shop. And if you have a sweet tooth than a waffle with strawberries and cream is always just around the corner. But as you can see from this photograph of a worried girl not everything is rosy in Brussels. We saw a lot of street kids, homeless and gypsies around the town sleeping in passages and begging wherever they could. I hope whatever this girl’s worries are they can be overcome.

All my concerns


The worrying man with his face in his hand, sitting on the bench was who I was really photographing but by the time I framed the photo and adjusted focus I had a crowd of people in the view each with their individual expression and reaction to being photographed.