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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Finger-licking good


There are certain streets in Sydney where I hardly ever have an opportunity for a street photograph. They are either poorly attended by people or do not contain enough businesses or office buildings or both. The section Clarence Street between Market Street and King Street is one of these spots. To my surprise on this day I was in luck. There was a young woman sitting on the pavement licking her fingers looking forward somewhere perhaps waiting for someone. She was very casual about it, actually too casual for my liking as she effectively closed more than half of the walk way.

Long stride


I was returning from my walk along Market Street when I have noticed a very attractive young woman walking towards me in blue, over sized boots. She was very slim and pale and those big, vivid blue boots seemed so at odds with her delicate frame. This was even more noticeable as she came closer. She was not walking, she was taking huge strides.