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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Fundraiser for The Smith Family


I have been asked today to support this fund raiser. It is quite out of character for me as usually I post articles and photos that relate to things I encounter myself. I have looked at the fund raiser and although it has a clear commercial context decided to put my support behind it. It is very simple. Please watch a 30 or so seconds promotional video from Microsoft and they will donate $1 per viewer to support Learning for Life program.

How does it relate to the Hyde Park photo? Well this park has a very dark side. Beautiful by day it becomes a refuge for many young people by night. I would hope that some of charity money may prevent a young person from having to live there or allow them to leave this park behind them on a way to a more rewarding and full filling life.

Watch a short Microsoft Office 2007 Charity demo and Microsoft will donate $1 to The Smith Family

From May 15 2008, for every short Microsoft Office 2007 Charity demo that is viewed, Microsoft will donate $1 to The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program. Help Microsoft reach the $100,000 goal and Aussie kids get the education they need for a brighter future.

Visit for more information.

Homelessness Matters


There was a group of people promoting awareness of youth homelessness in Australia. I regularly see a number of homeless people as anyone who follows my photography knows. Today I’ve learnt there is 36000 homeless young people in this country. That is a shocking statistic.

The activists who were giving out the information about this occupied 3 corners at George and Park streets. On the fourth corner I saw this young homeless man.