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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Zebra at Taronga ZOO


If there is a place I am always glad to go and visit it would have to be the Taronga ZOO. So many interesting animals on both side of the fence. With the latest arrival of baby elephant who was named “Luk Chai” my kids decided we should pay a visit. Today was a perfect day to visit the ZOO – not a cloud in the sky and a pleasant 18C. Simply beautiful Sydney winter day. more

Two girls leading a zebra through Martin Place


Sometimes I come across some really unusual scenarios. Take for example these two girls leading a zebra through the Martin Place. It was obvious they were half embarrassed and half amused by all the attention they were getting from the people.

I wanted to know why the zebra was being led its backside first. Apparently zebras, even fake ones are very stubborn and there was no other way to get it to the destination.